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23 February 2023
Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta
Sustainability Transition through Technologies and Processes

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Enterprise Innovation

Inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops, and targeted meetings promise knowledge gain and new business contacts.

Innovation is high on the agenda of SMEs looking into the future.   The highly disruptive and competitive times SMEs are operating in, make the adoption of digital capabilities and processes, indispensable. “Enterprise Innovation” aims to bring together companies that are seeking digitalisation solutions with companies that provide such services and products. The event’s agenda foresees a keynote address by the guest speaker from the European Innovation Management Academy in Germany and numerous case studies and inspirational testimonials by businesses that successfully adopted digitalisation practices to fuel their business growth.

The event will have two separate focuses: one targeting the more advanced manufacturing technologies whilst another session will hone in on digitalized commercial processes that could easily be integrated into the retail, hospitality, and tourism sectors, amongst others. Participants can visit the exhibition of services and products and set 1-to-1 meetings during the Brokerage Event in the second part of the day.

This event brings together a collection of Case Studies as well as introduces the attendees to a range of service providers of Industry 4.0 technologies to help implement their innovation vision...all under one roof.   This European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre (ADMA) initiative helps SMEs assess the possibility of adopting both advanced manufacturing solutions as well as social innovation strategies. This would transform organizations towards next-generation factories with more competitive, modern, and sustainable production

The match-making session in the afternoon then brings together companies that are seeking effective solutions with the providers. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and leads. The model is time - and cost-efficient and results in business! Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

Topics addressed?

  • Data capture and processing
  • Digital commerce
  • Chatbots and augmented reality
  • Industrial internet of things
  • Machine learning 
  • Additive manufacturing

Why participate?

  • As a solutions seeker - find qualified suppliers during effective one-to-one meetings
  • As a service provider - find new customers and possibly showcase your offering in the Exhibits section
  • As a product developer - find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Meet providers of new technologies
  • Generate new business leads and find new clients
  • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled meetings at the event
  • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors by being seen and visibly present at the event

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